There are a number of ways for your business to connect with people. Let me give you some ideas of how a good business can advertise.

1.Find Out How Much You Can Sell Your Car For

You can visit auto dealerships and have your car assessed for its selling value.

You can also try looking into car buy & sell platforms to find cars for sale with similar specifications to the one you’re planning to sell

2.Be Ready With Required Paperwork

  • Original copy of the Certificate of Registration (get from LTO)
  • Official receipt (get from LTO)
  • Notarized transfer of title (prepared by seller – notarized in a law office)
  • Motor vehicle clearance from PNP-MPG (get from LTO)
  • Receipts for maintenance, repairs, and accessories
  • Deed of sale (which will be accomplished once the transaction is closed)
  • 3.Give Your Car A Meticulous Check Up And Make Over

    Have a mechanic inspect your car for potential issues that may be highlighted by potential buyers.

    Making sure that parts are working well and are looking good and intact as it may affect the value of your car.

    Fix broken parts, solve car issues, and prepare for a good cleaning and detailing so you can impress potential buyers.

  • Interior, such as upholstery, trunk, dashboard, buttons
  • Exterior, such as the car’s body, windows, tires, lights,
  • Performance-related aspects like engine, brakes, battery, transmission, and others
  • 4.Take Good Photos Of Your Car

    Prepare well-lit photos of the different parts of your car, highlighting the best parts, and make the potential buyer visualize the feeling of owning your car.

  • Front view, with both the hood open and closed
  • Side view from both the passenger and driver’s side, with both the doors open and closed
  • Rear view, with both the trunk or liftback door both open and closed
  • Close-up view of the engine
  • All windows and glass panels
  • Tires and wheels
  • Dashboard, showing all the gauges and instruments
  • Steering wheel
  • Center console
  • Floor for all seats
  • 5.Make a detailed description of your car in your advertisement

    As you put up notice about your car for sale, make sure that you provide important information that potential buyers need when considering purchase of your car

  • Legalities: Year and Month of Manufacturing or Registration, City of Registration
  • Car-related: Number of owners, Insurance type (comprehensive or third party), Kilometers covered, Car Service history, Reason for selling
  • 6.Viewings and negotiation

    Prepare yourself with potential buyer questions and inquiries about the history of your car and its current status and condition.

  • Why are you selling the car?
  • Ownership history, is it a first-hand car?
  • Are the service records complete?
  • Does the car has a clear title?
  • What’s your basis for the asking price and is it negotiable?
  • Go at a public place. Aside from the buyer taking their safety measures to make sure that you are a legitimate seller, it is also true for you. Save yourself from scammers by meeting up in a public place during the morning or afternoon so you can avoid any bogus buyers.
  • Do not leave your vehicle and keys unattended with the potential buyer. This can lead to car theft if you are not careful with your car and trust the car buyer immediately.
  • You will encounter potential buyers that are either clueless about buying cars or well-versed about them. Know car jargon so you will sound like a credible car seller to them.
  • Time to start putting up your ads for your car. Check out to learn how